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On Line Solutions for your Business Needs

Get Rid of the Paper

Say goodbye to the mountains of paper that you accumulate with Benefits Enrollment.  It’s cumbersome and difficult to track.

Benefits Administration

Your HR staff can increase productivity with the ability to manage benefits from a single portal.  HR serves as the gatekeeper, with ultimate control of all data, including enrollments, terminations and demographic changes.  The system promotes accurate enrollment and eligibility tracking by accommodating and enforcing company-specific business rules.  Additionally, HR can access all data at any time.

Reduce the stress of Benefits Enrollment and Management.Use our Online Enrollment System to simplify your benefits enrollment process.  We provide the tools to manage everything online.  Say goodbye to paper and hello to an easier way.  


Easy Implementation

We build your site to include all your unique eligibility and business rules.  This promotes accurate enrollment and eligibility tracking, as well as enabling HR to quickly access all data at any time.

Everyone Benefits

The online system reduces
paperwork and enrollment errors. 
Moreover, employees no longer

have to fill out multiple forms such
as, Medical, dental, flex benefits,
etc. One form takes care of it all.


The system provides complete, customized set-up services resulting in a company-branded site for you and your employees. 

Data Population

If your data is in an electronic format like a spreadsheet or database, we can upload it directly to the enrollment and eligibility system.  If it is in paper files, we will help determine what can be handled electronically and transition you to the online system.

Rollout and Support

The system provides training to manage the site, as well as ongoing support for HR and employees.  An on-site help desk and direct employee enrollment assistance number are available so that questions are always answered.